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Eira Gold is a mixture of art and jewellery. Inspired by esoterica and mysticism, every single piece is unique and the crystals are hand selected and energetically charged.

Made to be worn to harness the magic within you. 


Eira Gold is a jewellery collection by Swedish artist Melle Skärfstad, who is living and working in Barcelona. She studied fine arts in San Diego and Barcelona and during her time at San Diego State University she also studied jewellery design and has been making jewellery ever since.


However, it is not until now, 2021, that Eira Gold is born.


For her work she draws inspiration from mysticism, Scandinavian folklore, esoterica, tarot, and other magical practices. All the pieces are hand made in Barcelona or Sweden by Melle. She uses her background in yoga, moon magic and energy healing to create these pieces with beautiful intentions and an enchanting touch.

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